How do I keep information secure?

If you suspect a potential or actual breach of security, or have identified a risk to information security, please contact immediately (in confidence, if necessary) the IG team at

All NES staff are responsible for ensuring that the business information they work with is protected from inappropriate access, tampering, damage or loss, by complying with the NES Information Security Policy and with the related guidance.

This includes:

Protecting your system passwords;
Locking workstations when away from your desk;
Keeping files and papers locked away when not in use;
If you have to use mobile devices or media, they must be encrypted;
Use official NES email (not personal email accounts) for communication and transferring data;
Particular care must be taken by users of laptops, flashdrives, PDAs or any other mobile computing devices.

NES is also subject to the NHS Information Security Code of Practice and the NHS Scotland Information Security policy

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