NES is committed to dealing responsibly, openly and professionally with any genuine concern you may have about wrongdoing, malpractice or a safety risk in the workplace affecting you, colleagues, stakeholders or NES itself.

We cannot do this without your help. The simple fact is that in many cases you or another member of staff may suspect something is going wrong long before the Executive Team find out about it. The sooner we know, the better we are able to protect patient safety, prevent an accident or serious damage.

If something at work is troubling you please tell us. You can find out more by reading the NES Whistleblowing Policy.

We hope that you will feel able to tell your line manager in the first instance.

If for whatever reason you are uneasy about this or your manager’s response doesn’t seem right, you should contact:

Donald Cameron (Head of Planning & Corporate Governance), PG Dean, Training Programme Director, HR Business Partner or trade union representative.

If you want to talk to them in confidence, just say so. If you prefer to put it in writing, that’s fine but please tell them who you are.

If you want confidential advice first, you can talk to your local trade union representative. You may also call the independent whistleblowing charity Public Concern at Work (external site) on 020 7404 6609 (or the Confidential Alert Line 0800 008 6112).

The Confidential Alert Line can be reached on 0800 008 6112 and they will handle your call following the National Confidential Alert Line: Call Flow.

If you are worried that something wrong or dangerous is happening at work, please don’t keep it to yourself. Unless you tell us about any concerns you may have about patient or staff safety risks, or other wrongdoing, the chances are we won’t find out until it’s too late.

See the Whistleblowing quick reference guide.

See the NES Whistleblowing Policy.

As some of you may be nervous about raising such matters, here are some tips:

  • Raise it when it’s a concern – we won’t ask you to prove it;
  • Keep it in perspective – there may be an innocent explanation;
  • It will help us if you can say how you think things can be put right;
  • Stay calm – you’re doing the right thing; and
  • If for whatever reason you are worried about raising it with your manager, please follow the escalation guidance